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Microchip LIN Drivers and Secure Flash Bootloaders

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We offer a wide variety of LIN Drivers and Flash Bootloaders for Microchip devices, including off-the-shelf products that can be delivered as soon as 24-48 hours of order receipt.

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Supported LIN Drivers

  • PIC16 Product Family
  • PIC18 Product Family
  • PIC24 Product Family
  • PIC32 Product Family (including PIC32C subfamily)
  • dsPIC33 Product Family (including dsPIC33C subfamily)
  • SAM D Product Family (including HA subfamily)
  • SAM C Product Family
  • SAM L Product Family
  • ATtiny Product Family
  • ATmega Product Family

Supported Flash Bootloaders

  • dsPIC33CK
  • dsPIC33EP
  • dsPIC33EV
  • PIC18
  • PIC24
  • PIC32MZ
  • SAM C
  • SAM D

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