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2017.02.20 Ihr0028 LINlogLINlog

Data logger monitors the bus traffic in the lab or in the moving vehicle.

The mobile LIN data logger monitors the bus traffic in the lab or in the moving vehicle. Flash memory cards serve as an exchangeable recording medium. These are then read into the PC and processed and analyzed by the integrated user interface Visulin.

Trigger conditions are configured on the PC and loaded to the logger together with the LIN description. The devices can be cascaded, so that the time synchronous parallel recording of several separate vehicle buses (LIN and CAN mixed) is possible. The recorded data from all sources are always time synchronous with one another.



Performance Characteristics

  • Monitoring of LIN nodes / LIN subsystems
  • Recording of LIN bus traffic, system and measurement data, optional vehicle CAN bus trafiic
  • Wakeup / Sleep monitoring
  • PC program Visulin for recording and displaying measurement data, and also for configuring the logger


  • Operating interface with keys and LED's for direct logger control
  • Card slot for insertion of compact flash media
  • Memory depth of up to 128MB, permits the recording of more than 6million messages
  • Ohmic bus termination (master/slave/stress/overload) switchable by means of software
  • Port interface with 2 analog / digital inputs and outputs, trigger creation


  • Second CAN interface for vehicle bus and gateway emulation, fully configurable
  • CAN I/O periphery extension
  • LINlog emulator option:
    Optional LINlog extension: after input of a de-energising code the
    data logger can be used also as LIN/CAN emulator (comparable with  LINgate).



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