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OEMs, Suppliers, and Us.

We developed our software-solutions, LIN drivers, Flash Boot Loaders, and Diagnose Modules jointly with AUDI, BMW and Daimler-Benz.


Most important for us:

How happy these great companies are with the results! As one OEM development engineer put it late in July:

“Your qualities are up to the foremost state-of-the-art by all means, as our exams and inspections proved. Your Software-products give new parameters to the market. You may now inform all the market players that we gladly accept your LIN solutions!”


Ihr Drivers  is a big success story for us: we have already developed drivers for Microchip, Atmel, TI  etc., all at the very latest State-of-the-Art requirements of LIN and J2602 standards.

NOW we do even better:

Our latest LIN Driver Releases support SNPD (Slave Note Position Detection)!  We use SNPD for any application demanding it!

The Result:

1)    The demand for LIN standard-SW-products increased in 2011 and in 2012 to such degree, that we expanded our portfolio to include Flash boot loaders.

2)    Our LIN-Drivers and Flash boot loaders are accepted by the OEMs and can be applied by  ANY  supplier

3)    We find that more and more high-capacity, highly productive, powerful SW is required all over the market. We are taking measure to anticipate and prepare well in advance for the market needs, so we can extend these benefits to you at just the right time!


So here is a Triple-Win-Combination:

We bring our expert Know How – such as: Communications-Stacks for LIN, CAN and Flash Boot Loaders;

You, the automotive supplier, save tremendous amounts of time and effort merely by utilizing our products and services, so you can concentrate on your core tasks instead.

OEMs save time and money, as the tests are simple, fast, reliable, and what’s most: they will be successful!

It is our company philosophy to always be and stay far ahead of the curve. You want to be sure to work with the most modern applications? Then:

Call us, right now, let’s start your next project together!

Your IHR team!

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