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New!!!!! IHR expanding its portfolio

IHR is well known as an accredited Test Lab and specialist in automotive communication bus driver software, such as LIN, CAN, Flexray, Ethernet etc. We also provide system integration services for these solutions. Most importantly, we are able to provide complete turnkey software solutions based on specification of our customers.


We have been supporting our customers during numerous projects where we would successfully combine driver- and proprietary application software.

Specifically, in case of LIN Bus Applications, we have generated a substantial know how in design of ambient lighting solutions for passenger cars. We have established Know-How in software as well as hardware (electronics, RGB LED, fiber optics). Knowledge in SNPD (commonly known as Autoaddressing), White Balancing, Temperature compensation algorithms and control of the non-preselected RGB LEDs gives us an ability to offer our customers an elaborate and cost effective ambient lighting turnkey solution.


In this context we extended our portfolio to incorporate small ECUs, transmitting data from the LIN Master via Bluetooth or Wifi to a smart phone or a tablet PC bi-directionally. With help of our user friendly app, the end-user can create a completely unique ambient environment inside his/her car that can be modified with just a press of a button. Cars today are no longer just the mode for transportation but represent the actual essence of each driver. The ever increasing number of options and vehicle models demonstrate this to be the case. With our new RGB LED solution we are providing another way to make the experience of car ownership more fulfilling.


Together with our certified automotive production partners we offer complete turnkey solutions (ECU with LIN Master, LIN nodes with RGB LED, fiber optics) for superior ambient lighting in the car. We have made significant advances in this area and have some of the most sophisticated products in the market today. We would be delighted to share this experience with you.


Imagination and Creativity is at the core of our Vision at IHR. Everything we create today is intended to push innovation to the next level. We believe that there is no challenge we cannot overcome, in fact we welcome it. So, let’s meet and discuss how we can help you to bring your ideas to life.

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