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Expanding our capabilities to accommodate global market trends

At IHR, we have always believed in importance of supporting our customers on global scale. As more and more countries enter global consumer arena, we strive to expand our reach and accommodate growing demand for our products and services. We strongly believe that this will guarantee a prosperous future for our company.


Automotive industry is going through exponential growth and experiencing significant technological advances. Higher demand from emerging markets is contributing to the need for new vehicle designs and custom features. It is important that we can provide solutions meeting customer needs specific to these regions.


The new alternative energy needs are also changing the future of automotive design. The quest for Zero emission high efficiency engines is pushing new advances in powertrain. This, along with hybrid-electric drive systems, is adding significant complexity to all electronic components in each vehicle and increases demand for highly educated engineering talent to accomplish the task.


Although we cannot predict whether it will be fuel cell, electric or another technology that will prevail as the next choice, it is certain that the automotive world must evolve and gain acceptance of end customer regardless of what corner of the world they reside in. As always, all challenges will be overcome due to inspiration, ideas and extraordinary skills of expert engineers. We look forward playing a role in this endeavour.


IHR will meet this challenge head on and looks into the future with great optimism.

Our Vision has been at the core of our development and growth. We built our company with it in mind.

Since 2007, we have established our presence in China by opening our subsidiary facility in Shanghai. Together with the engineers in Germany, we have established an international team providing our customers with variety of advance products and services. In early 2012 we have founded a new facility in Detroit, MI to provide local solution and support for our customers in the USA.


We, IHR, are now present in the most important automotive markets in the world with the ability to offer our engineering expertise around the clock and to provide best possible response time to our customer’s needs. With skilled engineers from all over the world, IHR has become a strong team with borderless communication.


One of the most important qualities of our engineers is Creativity. IHR is always aiming to build an innovative environment where our people have the chance to develop their skills and contribute to the excellence of our company, with an ultimate goal of providing best solutions and services to our customers.


IHR is ready for the future and will be there when you need us. We are happy to share our Vision and work alongside you. Please contact us and let’s begin.

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