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CTC (Conformance Test Center) at IHR and cooperation in work groups

IHR has created the Conformance Test Center with the objective to develop new business fields and to build up a diversified spectrum of services to attend and advise our customers more holistically. Also since 2 years the CTC has been accredited by the DAKKS.,


However, in order to create resilient test specifications which guarantee a 100% security of functionality, eliminating problems in the field for the customer, it is essential that we gain a leading participation in the corresponding boards.


Below are 2 examples which transparently show the script of IHR at the test specifications:

1. PSI5: PSI5 is an interface that is mainly applied with Airbag applications but is also interesting in the field of sensor technology/ actuating elements.

Especially, the sensor technology is becoming more and more important in the automobile, representing the basic fundament. They are human senses transformed into physical principals in order to assist the driver and, if necessary, even to take over decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to assure a perfect, fail-safe communication and it is the task of designated Work Groups at IHR to test and certify this. We developed a test specification our customer can trust in. This is a next step of IHR CTC to further extend its service and expertise.


2.“Standard Actuator”: The same principles apply to the creation for test specifications for the “Standard Actuator”. Thanks to IHR’s competence and expert knowledge and in cooperation with a well-known OEM, a resilient test procedure has been developed which now is part of the offered portfolio of IHR’s CTC.


IHR is very active in a lot of working groups. Some of these groups that are working on future technologies (Bus Systems) are mentioned beneath representatively:

IHR is present in CAN-FD, LIN ISO, Ethernet (Open Alliance), Standard Actuator and PSI5.


With the next newsletters, we will provide further information on each of the above mentioned topics, informing you about the status and next steps.

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