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IHR is celebrating 10 years of being a certified Conformance Test Centre (CTC)

Very early in 1999, IHR decided to engage itself in the development of LIN Emulation Tools which was last but not least motivated by a bunch of our (OEM) customers, mainly AUDI. As a member of the LIN syndicate, we were asked by the OEM`s to provide test specifications for LIN transceivers, actuators and sensors with a LIN interface as well as testing the hardware according to these specifications.


As an independent and neutral test house, IHR is predestined for this task. In the year 2002, IHR took over the responsibility establishing a group which worked in detail on the definition of the test equipment (hardware) as well as describing the test procedure and the documentation to create a standard in the automotive world.

We, as an accredited test house, are concentrating on:

Physical Layer, Data Link Layer and Network Management as well as EMC / ESD tests. IHR is one of the leading institutions, beside C&S and Micron which forced the LIN Standard. In 2003 we were to be one of the first to offer a complete LIN specification to the automotive world. This was the prerequisite that IHR, according to ISO 17025, was nominated and certified as a LIN Test House specified on Physical and Data Link Layer.


With increasing success, we are also offering hardware products, such as Data Link Layer test equipment, since 2005. In the following years, IHR expands its portfolio with a lot more hardware components; a success story which will be transferred into the future.


After years of trustful and reliable co-operation with worldwide OEM`s and Tier One`s, our laboratory was certified and officially accredited by the DAKKS Institution in the year 2010. This was the result of an excellent long term relationship with our customers. In the meantime, more than 50 Physical Layer and more than 100 Data Link Layer test were completed, tested and documented.

A list of application examples include Power Window, Power Seat, Rain and Light Sensor, All kind of control modules, Stepper Motors and Sun Roof.


All these applications were tested, especially regarding a faultless communication between the different control units in the car. After a successful run, the results were confirmed and certified for our customers. We are continuously “confronted” with new applications, such as battery sensor, generator control box, smart head lamps and much more which are controlled via LIN Bus in the car. All these components must be tested extensively to assure a conflict free and safe communication. This is an essential contribution from IHR to the reliability and safety of a car.


IHR also is a well perceived and accepted partner in the semiconductor industry. Even in a very early stage, we can contribute, through our experience, in the development of new microcontroller generations to make sure that they are in line with the market and fulfil the safety standards. IHR is the well-respected partner for OEM`s, Tier One`s and the semiconductor industry. We are an accredited, neutral test institution with the ability to support our customers in communication and application software.


Where are we going????

Our expertise is not only concentrated on LIN. Over the years, we built up a similar expertise on CAN Flexray and now Ethernet Communication Software and Testing. IHR will bring in all the experience we collected over the years to support and cooperate with the committees and groups around Ethernet; the fast new bus system in the automotive world. Furthermore, we want to be side by side with our customers at the leading edge of the technological progress in the automotive world and……..

we are proud of this!!

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