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Automotive Ethernet Testings at IHR GmbH

IHR GmbH extended their range of services by adding Automotive Ethernet (BroadR-Reach). The effort was made possible through extensive internal investments and international collaborations. IHR can now offer test services for all bus systems under one roof. All communication systems are now covered: LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, Flexray and Ethernet. Due to this extension the field “Automotive Testing” is completely covered by IHR GmbH. The reasons for this development are the growing requirements by automobile manufacturers. Speed and competence has always been a characteristic of IHR GmbH, a commitment big automobile manufacturers and their suppliers can always rely on. IHR GmbH is always leading the way to change, adopts and develops new services and products to react to the rapid developments in the technological area for future automobiles.


One of the emphases at IHR GmbH has always been on conformance testing. Conformance testing determines whether implementations of soft- and hardware are conform to international standards. The test laboratory of IHR GmbH is certified by DAKKS according to ISO 17025. This standard is recognised worldwide and guarantees qualified work in all testing and calibration laboratories. Currently the developing processes take place according to SPICE level 1. The aim for the next years is to upgrade to level 2 (2016) and level 3 (2017).


IHR GmbH in Rheinmünster, Germany, cooperates with IXIA Technologies Europe Limited regarding Automotive Ethernet. The company has a presence not only in Europe but also in the USA and Asia. In addition to testing IHR also provides creation and integration of software for communication and controllers. IHR is focused to provide solutions to the entire system. IHR’s mission is to listen to our customers and to provide the best services possible to meet and exceed the customer requirements. The long-term goal remains: IHR GmbH aims to maintain the role of a technology leader in automotive communication. The company has further strengthened its position with the latest expansion of their range of services and products.


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